NEW-MINE at Ecomondo – the Green Technologies Expo in Italy.


During a session at the Ecomondo – Green Technologies Expo – prof. Enrico Bernardo presented his research about the recovery of resources through enhanced landfill mining, part of the NEW-MINE project. The event was organized from November 7-10, 2017 in Rimini (Italy) by the Interdepartmental Centers for Industrial Research on “Energy and Environment” of the University of Bologna, the Division ...

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ESR in the picture: Patricia Rabelo Monich at University of Padova

12 Patrica Rabelo Monich web

On the occasion of highlighting the innovative research of the NEW-MINE project, one of our ESRs, Patricia Rabelo Monich, was featured in a special edition of the newsletter of the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Padova where she presented her research on “Up-cycling of Vitreous Residues from Thermal Conversion of Landfill Waste in Highly Porous Glass-Ceramics”. Patricia started ...

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Early bird registration deadline ELFM IV: December 1st, 2017


Over the past few years Enhanced Landfill Mining (ELFM) has gained considerable momentum, as corroborated by the initiation of three EU-funded ELFM-related projects (ETN NEW-MINE, Interreg RAWFILL and COCOON), the rise of EURELCO, widespread press attention and the recent endorsement of the ELFM concept in the “waste package”, which was formally approved by the European Parliament on March 14, 2017. ...

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ESR in the picture: Cristina Garcia Lopez at RWTH Aachen


On the occasion of highlighting the innovative research of the NEW-MINE project, one of our ESRs, Cristina, was put in the spotlight at RWTH Aachen. In a long and frequently ‘liked’ facebook post, Cristina was able to explain her research about re-excavating old landfills in order to convert a portion of the dumped waste into products, or to use the ...

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