It’s all about gasification! WP2 presents itself!

Hi! We are the ESRs of the second work package of the new-mine project (WP2), and we study plasma-driven gasification, solar-driven gasification and hybrid combinations. Our main objective is to convert the inflammable waste fraction from the excavated landfills (what we call RDF – Refuse-Derived Fuel fraction) into a clean synthetic gas (syngas) with a high concentrated hydrogen to be used in other downstream processes. At the same time, another challenge in our work is to convert the solid residue from the thermochemical process into a new valuable solid material.

05 Ilman Nuran Zaini webIlman – ESR5. The general objective of my work is to develop a novel solution, based on the plasma gasification technology, to convert RDF from landfills into valuable energy forms with reduced gas emission and minimal solid waste. Verification of this novel process will be done by experimental tests using both a lab-scale furnace at KTH´s laboratory and a pilot plant at ScanArc. Do you have further questions? Please kindly send me an email at .


06 Yamid Gomez Rueda webYamid – ESR6. Gasification of municipal solid waste is considered as a key tool for recovering energy from landfills. However there is a huge obstacle which limits the use of the syngas produced:  the presence of tars. In this research I use a novel technology, a hybrid reactor using high temperatures and a corona plasma,  in order to get rid of tars in syngas.  The objective is to find the right process conditions (using data from literature and from an industrial gasification reactor) that reduce the tar concentrations as low as to use syngas in gas turbines, fuel-cells and fischer-tropsch synthesis. Do you want more information? Do you have any questions regarding the project? Contact me at and I will help you as much as I can.


Lea LuroisLéa Lurois – ESR7. Léa’s recruitment is nearly completed. If all goes well, she will join the team from August onwards. She will explain you all about her research at ETH in Zurich later on!




08 Marco Gigantino webMarco – ESR8. The goal of my work is to make the energy-intensive process of continuous gasification of the RDF more sustainable by preheating the gasifying fluid (air or steam) with solar thermal energy from concentrated solar systems. The objective of a 24/7 delivery of a constant-temperature gasifying fluid will be investigated for the exclusive use of solar energy as well as for hybrid configurations, which exploit the sensible or combustion heat of the product (syngas), or electricity (plasma). Quite a mouthful! For any questions, contact Marco at:


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