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One Cappuccino please! NEW-MINE present at Researchers’ Night (University of Padova)

Acacio and Patricia experimenting b

NEW-MINE contributed to the Researchers’ Night in Padova, held on September 28th. Prof. Enrico Bernardo, with the help of ESR Patricia Rabelo Monich, showed the activities concerning the upcycling of industrial waste (comprising waste glass) in the manufacturing of glass-ceramic foams. They demonstrated the obtainment of glass foams by alkali activation of suspensions of glass powders, followed by intensive mechanical stirring. ...

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Have you ever thought about composting at home?

Figure 1: Making-Compost. (Source:

Since long time ago human kind has practiced composting as a common activity and, therefore, nowadays there are many different techniques available for processing our organic waste and turn it into a natural soil conditioner or fertilizer at home. Such practice contributes to close the natural cycles of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous and avoids the need of the application of ...

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Most probably interesting – Bayesians vs. Frequentists

Figure 1: No one actually knows what Thomas Bayes looked like, but this is the picture that everyone uses; next to him you see his famous theorem.

Today, I want to tell you something about probability. Most people who hear this term intuitively understand what it means. If someone tells them there is a 90% chance for rain they know: better pack an umbrella today. Looking more closely, there are different definitions for probability in science and philosophy. In this blog post, I want to briefly introduce ...

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Horizon Europe – European Research and Innovation

Figure 1: Comparison between the Multiannual Financial Framework  2014-2020 and 2021-2027 (

The European Commission has recently published its proposal for the European Research and Innovation Program for the period from 2021 to 2027. The so-called Horizon Europe will succeed the Horizon2020 and was announced as the most ambitious Research and Innovation Program ever launch. The Commission proposal foresee a significant increase of the European Research and Innovation budged relative to the ...

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Summer School 2018: “To mine or not to mine” (10-12 September 2018)

Dont miss out on this amazing summer school, sept2018

On September 10-12, 2017, the joint ETN SOCRATES, ETN NEW-MINE & EIT KIC IMAGINE summer school will be organised in Leuven, Belgium. The Summer School aims at offering an integral approach for the assessment of landfill mining projects. The interdisciplinary training programme aims at going beyond technical assessment, offering an approach to determine the value of landfill mining from an economic, environmental, social ...

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Following the sunlight, going into a new era!

Figure 1: Concentrated solar thermal plant [2]

“The harness of waterfalls is the most economical method known for drawing energy from the sun” stated the eclectic inventor Nikola Tesla. Both the Greeks and the Romans had realised that as they were already using hydraulic energy to grind wheat in watermills. This usage continued since up to the point that Western Europe and the United States are now ...

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Will we suffocate in our waste?

Figure 1 - Fresh Kills landfill in New York City in 2011 [3]

“Humanity will not perish in an atomic nightmare – it will suffocate in its own waste” said the Nobel Prize winner Niels Bohr. Despite his thoughts that “it is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future”, he could not have been any more right. So are many countries realizing this now. While this has been a global issue for ...

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Hydrogen: the fuel of the future!

Fossil-free steel-making technology by using hydrogen as proposed by HYBRIT. Image: HYBRIT, 2018.

In my previous blog post here, I talk about how circular economy works and how my Ph.D. works will contribute to achieving this emerging framework. In specific, producing hydrogen from gasification of landfill waste, and later on, using it as a fuel or chemical feedstock could be the best scenario for closing the economic cycle. Hydrogen has been named as ...

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Think before you bin it: there should be a use in it

Proud kids showing their creativity!

“Think before you bin it: there should be a use in it!” That was the title of the workshop Giovanna and I gave on Saturday, 5th of May at the Children’s University of KU Leuven. It was a great opportunity to motivate and inspire children between 8 and 13 years old on recycling and reuse of waste. As two “New-Mine” ...

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