Second Network-wide Event takes place in Aachen (September 2017)

The 2nd Network-wide Event of ETN NEW-MINE takes place from 19 till 22 September 2017 in Aachen (Germany). During the meeting, the 15 recruited Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) and their supervisors, together with representatives of the partner organisations and the project management, will monitor the progress of the research project of NEW-MINE. Additionally, a field trip to the nearly Beppe landfill is organised. Finally, various S/T and soft-skill trainings are offered to the ESRs.


On Tuesday 19/09, the ESRs will gather for a training on presentation skills. This workshop, organised by the ESRs themselves, will be followed by the Researchers Council in which the ESRs can discuss any remarks or suggestions they would like to present in the Supervisory Board meeting. Meanwhile, the other participants of the NWE will be arriving in Aachen.

On Wednesday 20/09, after a short introduction, the ESRs will individually present the first results and the progress they made so far. In the evening, a dinner is offered to all participants.

On Thursday 21/09, the Technical Steering Committee meeting and the Supervisory Board meeting are organised. During the TSC, the work package leaders present a brief overview of the main progress and issues in their WP. The progress of the ESRs is discussed and any suggestions for improvement debated. The TSC takes decisions (by consensus) on S/T matters, with specific attention to the interaction of the WPs. After the TSC, the Supervisory Board meeting takes place and conducts a full evaluation of the project state of the art and cross checks all the project milestones and deliverables. Also, attention is given to the training progress and the dissemination and exploitation.

In parallel, the ESRs receive a training on ‘Automated sorting technology for complex waste’ and visit the Beppe landfill. After the TSC/SB meeting, partners & (co-)supervisors can return home.

On Friday 22/09, the ESRs will receive two more soft skills trainings: one on “the art of project management”, the second discusses “How to address gender imbalance in research content”.