Call for papers for Thematic Issue on ELFM in Detritus

The European Enhanced Landfill Mining Network (EURELCO) and the EU Training Network for Resource Recovery Through Enhanced Landfill Mining (ETN NEW-MINE) call for papers on Enhanced Landfill Mining for a Thematic Issue in the IWWG Journal Detritus (Deadline: 11-6-2019). (PTJ, 14/11/2018)  

Thematic Issue

Resource Recovery Through Enhanced Landfill Mining – Deadline: 11th June 2019

Scope of Thematic Issue

Figure WEF article on ELFMELFM has been defined as “the safe exploration, conditioning, excavation and integrated valorisation of (historic, present and/or future) landfilled waste streams as both materials (Waste-to-Material) and energy (Waste-to-Energy), using innovative transformation technologies and respecting the most stringent social and ecological criteria.” ELFM is part of a wider view of a circular economy and is perfectly complementary to urban mining and recycling in general. ELFM is not only relevant for Urban Solid Waste landfills but can also be considered for metal-containing monolandfills composed of extractive waste or industrial process residues.

The Detritus Special Issue will welcome, among others, papers connected to the ETN NEW-MINE Project or to similar initiatives. Contributions are welcomed from the following thematic categories:

  • Geophysics, remediation, pre-processing and metal extraction technologies for Enhanced Landfill Mining
  • Thermal valorisation technologies for Enhanced Landfill Mining
  • Upcycling technologies for Enhanced Landfill Mining
  • Multi-criteria assessment for Enhanced Landfill Mining

Authors wishing to submit a paper on one of these topics to the Journal are kindly invited to submit it through the Detritus online platform between the 11th of November 2018 and the 11th of June 2019, following the standard requirements detailed in the Guide for Authors. We would kindly ask to specify that the paper has been submitted for the special issue ‘NEW-MINE’ during the submission process.

More info about Detritus

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Detritus Call for papers for Thematic Issue on Enhanced Landfill Mining in the IWWG Journal Detritus

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