Paul Einhäupl

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Paul       Einhäupl                              


I am the last in line of all NEW-MINE ESRs. My job is to look at policies and regulations affecting ELFM and how to actually implement it. To do so I will look at all the different stakeholders involved, like the different landfill owners or local communities (You might have read about our Locals Event). The point of this is to identify important regulations and market conditions for different stakeholders to then develop a method to quantify environmental impacts of ELFM and integrate these externalities with the work of my colleague Jay-el. We will also apply our developed method and if all goes well I will write some policy guidelines to spread the gained knowledge.

Jay-el and me are stationed in Linköping, Sweden but will also do research with our industry partners and Prof. Steven Van Passel from the University of Antwerp in Belgium. Sweden is great, so if you are ever in Linköping, you are welcome to pay us visit. Any questions? Contact me via email.