Different perspectives on enhanced landfill mining meet and greet

NEW-MINE researchers meet 'De Locals'

NEW-MINE researchers meet the ‘De Locals’ group.  Two Asians, four Latinos and eight Europeans walk on an abandoned coal mine… What sounds like the beginning of a joke was the actual Kick-Off event of the NEW-MINE project. Below we will briefly describe our impressions about this event and focus on an inspiring evening with ‘De Locals’, but you can also check ...

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Ready? Set! GO! The NEW-MINE project kicks off!


Dear readers, Here is our first blog article: some impressions about the kick-off event! The NEW-MINE Kick-Off Event took place at the Greenville Center of Cleantech in Houthalen, Belgium. Greenville is an incubator for green technology offering a range of services. The incubator is located on an old coal mine, where you can actually learn a lot about Limburgs´ mining ...

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